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a *woman entrepreneur who honors her personal and professional needs; she finds the community and resources she desires to gain the confidence and skills necessary to create her dream life

Why We're Here

To create a safe, empowering & educational community for all and every female entrepreneur; where they not only feel a part of but excited about. In this space, they will gain a deeper sense of who they are & what they are meant to do in this world, plus gain the confidence and validation to make that happen.

Our Motivations

  • Achievement
    We want you to experience the feeling of being successful, victorious, and proud by overcoming any obstacle that comes your way

  • Belonging
    We want you to know that who you are and the whole of you are accepted, celebrated and connected

  • Empowerment
    We want you to be inspired and equipped to act on whatever your heart desires


Our Values

  • Diversity & Inclusivity
    Fempreneur HQ first and foremost celebrates + empowers BIWOC entrepreneurs

  • Authenticity
    Fempreneur HQ acknowledges that your authentic story is your superpower

  • Social Change
    Fempreneur HQ prioritizes a bigger vision to create long-lasting impact in marginalized communities 

  • Education
    Fempreneur HQ is committed to equipping *women entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create their dream life