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Build an Impactful Marketing Strategy in One Day

Our mission is to help brands feel confident in scaling their business and generating high-quality leads through highly-converting content marketing. 


What if all you had to do was show up?

Imagine spending only 5 hours with a marketing strategist to ideate, plan and build the perfect marketing strategy for the next 3 months in your business... 


Because you're not the only one to:

Take the current popular marketing trend you see on Instagram and try to apply it to your business

Put your clients over your own business time and time again


Feel overwhelmed and burnt out the moment you have time on your schedule to plan your next launch

Be frustrated with the inability to break necks (virtually, of course), just from your online presence

What if...

You can ditch the overwhelming "spaghetti toss and hope it sticks" method.

You've scaled to multiple six figures and beyond and you need a marketing strategy that is customized to:

your brand

your business

your desires

your ideal client

Are you ready to feel crystal clear on what you need to do to stand out and sell your offers?

VIP Days sell out quickly.

Click below to apply and secure your spot.

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Hours of Deep Work

During this time, we'll discuss the research I found and the strategies I curated prior to our VIP Day. From there, we'll create a Quarter Marketing Brief with timelines and action items for you, your team, and anyone else who's involved in your Sales & Marketing efforts. We can also create content, generate KPIs, establish your unique positioning statement and more.

Quarterly Marketing Blueprint

You'll walk away with a booklet filled with your customized Marketing Blueprint that will share the exact ABC's on how to market your brand. No more forgetting what you worked on.

2 Weeks of Email Support

Just in case you need some additional support after you've had some time to think through external factors or discuss with your team, you'll have 24/5 access to me via email. I can go over strategy, answer questions, review marketing deliverables and more.

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What Our Clients Say

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Maggie Gomez

Investment Coach

Working with Chelsya has allowed me to make progress on my goals without feeling overwhelmed!


There’s always so much on the “to-do” list as a business owner and having her support has allowed me to focus on the things I’m good at vs. struggling through all the things! Since hiring Chelsya, I actually feel like I have a partner in business. It’s so nice to not be alone on this journey. Thank you Chelsya!!!