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Three 2022 Marketing Trends to Implement In Your Business Now

It’s all about the trends and 2022 is the year for your business. Whether it's personal or growth directly for your biz, we know a few of the marketing secrets.

Dominate in digital marketing – don’t sleep on these 3 trends you need this year.

#1: Automatic Replies & Fast-Response Chatbots

Your followers are excited to interact with you. Replies that are personal and genuine never go out of style. Take the time and respond to those questions.

Can’t respond every time? Too many messages? It can be a lot… Our advice? Save time and create automatic replies that are fast with content that stands out! Instagram has the amazing feature that allows you to customize message responses to questions or DMs that you get often. Be sure to show your personality and uniqueness in the response – even though they are automatic.

#2: In-App Shop (Facebook, Instagram) & New Ways to Pay (After-Pay, Affirm, etc)

Monetization and E-commerce will continue to take over. In-App shops on Instagram and Facebook are more popular than ever. Shoppable features became a thing and will now be better optimized for brands – especially small businesses and content creators.

Having your website is amazing – we see you, but offering additional ways for people to purchase your goodies is key to reaching more consumers. Whether you have service-based biz or product-based biz, in-app shops are making waves. Want to give some flexibility to your followers and existing customers? New payment options like After-Pay and Affirm are extremely helpful. Allowing your customers to make payment plans says that your biz caters to a variety of incomes while growing your followers.

#3: Utilizing Interactive Marketing (Polls, Quizzes, etc.)

Whether you utilize polls on your Instagram stories or on your Youtube videos – they are fun and interactive. Not only do you get engagement from your followers, but you also get direct info about what they like, dislike, and want to see more of! Once you’ve dominated digital marketing, let us know!

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