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3 Fun and New Ways to Advertise Your Offers

It’s time. It’s time for you to throw away those negative thoughts that are holding you back from selling your offers. As an entrepreneur, you may face a feeling of repetition or loss of creativity. Advertising offers are just feeling like a dread now. To keep up with the business pace, you need those creative juices flowing! Luckily, we have your back. Keep reading to learn 3 new and fun ways to get your business started back up again. Let’s sell those stellar offers of yours.

1. Contest Marketing

Contests have been a timeless idea. It’s just fun to join in on a little competition. And who wants to miss out on winning a prize? Your goal is to either gain exposure or maybe get some sales in. You want to give an incentive that will get people to engage in your content or bring in a friend. You don’t want your contests to be too difficult, especially if you’re on a budget and just want exposure. Plan what your goal is in having the competition and depending on your prize, you can be a little flexible with the instructions. It’s extremely popular to post something and have your audience or followers like, comment, follow, and share. When you ask them to comment, you want them to ask them to tag a friend (or multiple). This is how you’re going to get some easy followers because those friends may want to join in on the contest as well. If your goal is to make some sales, and quickly, don’t be stingy on your prize. You only need one winner, but if you make their incentive big enough, you’re going to have some willing participants. Have them make a purchase in order to enter. If you have some phone cases or stationary stickers, it’s going to be a beneficial purchase on their behalf. It’s like even if they don’t win, the worst scenario is they bought themselves something cute, right?

2. Create Funny Comics Related to Your Niche

People literally live for entertainment. There really isn’t a good point to keep going on with life without entertainment. Too dark? But honestly, I strongly believe someone can die from boredom. Maybe that’s just me. Anyways, the point of creating a funny comic is to build your audience, but you want to make it specific to your niche. Humor really works when it’s relatable. Social media, presently, is all about sharing content other people created. It’s always going to be something that either follows along their set of beliefs, something they find fascinating, emotionally impactful, or humorous. If you noticed, all those pieces of content are going to be at the very least relatable. You can touch all those elements with a comic relating to your niche! And if they love it enough, it’s going to be shared and your business is going to get the awareness it deserves for delivering quality content! It’s an overlooked content strategy if you ask me.

3. Go Old School

Let’s take it back a few steps. It’s summer time, and you’re taking a cruise down your neighborhood. Do you remember what you just passed by in front of that nice lady Ms. Karen’s house? She’s having a garage sale. You read it in big black letters on a neon green poster board. Yes, poster boards still work. I mean you noticed those signs around, right? Before the internet, or at least before social media was huge, people used posters, brochures, and flyers as their plan A. Those paper prints are still effective today! It’s a good time to go old school and get your hands dirty. Pass out some prints about what you’re selling. It can be even more effective and possibly seem much more credible when you’re talking to people face to face. This is a good way to get your team in their productive zones and create relationships between your business and physical people. Go around to some plazas with small businesses or walk around a farmers’ market. You can physically see results and conversions right before your eyes. The best way to get it done is to get it done yourself.

Selling your offers doesn’t have to be boring anymore and you don’t have to drown in misleading doubt. These methods may not necessarily be new, but it could be for your business. Just know that they all work pretty well, otherwise people wouldn’t still be using them today. So, what do you think? Found a trick that you might want to try to better market your offers? Take what you want from this blog post. We’re manifesting nothing but success for you!

3 Fun and New Ways to Advertise Your Offers