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3 Steps to Create Content that Stands Out

Wondering how to create content that stands out? Now that the market is flooding with new creators, business owners and influencers, the Instagram algorithm is constantly trying to be three steps ahead. So you're left scrambling between spending hours a day researching on the hottest new trend and another set of hours actually creating that content...

... only to be left with *crickets*.

Not because your content sucks, but because your content isn't even being seen.

So here are 3 steps to take to create content that's impactful and effective and most of all, that stands out.

The number one thing to LISTEN to your audience. Do your research, because you want to know what your audience is really craving to learn and consume.

What is keeping them up at night? What is stressing them out? What can they not answer on their own? Do the proper research, so you can get the answers you need.

If you know what your audience wants, the rest comes EASY. Trust! Then, all you have to do is create the exact content for the exact question that they are wanting to get answered.

The second tip is to ask yourself: does this align with my passion and knowledge? This is extremely important because if it’s not something that you’re interested in, then it’s not going to go well for you OR for your audience. First, you will hate creating it in the process. You’ll dread it. It’s not going to produce any joy for you. PERIOD. At the same time, your audience can sense that this isn’t something that’s true to you. Again, if you’re not 100% in it, they can FEEL that.

The questions that I like to ask myself when I’m trying to answer this step is, does this topic light me up? Does this topic set my heart on fire? Does it make my face light up when I’m wanting to talk about it? Ask yourself these questions and realize what exactly matters to YOU.

Third tip. Incorporate your brand pillars. In other words, incorporate your values – who you are into your teachings, guide, and content. If you know what you stand for and why people are attracted to you, use that to your advantage to create content that will stand out from the rest. If you incorporate that “small” part of you, then it makes you that much more likeable, and that much more attracted to the RIGHT people, to YOUR people.

You can say the same type of things and provide the same type of answers as anyone else in your industry and niche, but if people are attracted to your brand and to the pillars of value that YOU have, then they’ll stick around. They'll anticipate and await for your content.

It sounds cliche, but it's pretty simple.

If you're tired of keeping up with the trendiest audios or dances to do, these 3 tips will put you on top. Learn your audience. Figure out your passion. And include your values in everything that you do.

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