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3 Tips To Optimize Your Time On Instagram

We all know how easy it is to fall into the #InstaScrollTrip. The trap where you just lay around, sit on your butt, and scroll, scroll, scroll.

And especially for online entrepreneurs, it’s even easier to let Instagram take over your life (#guilty). We get it, we've been there. We know how it only leads to misery, imposter syndrome... and maybe an ounce of motivation.


Here are three tips that you can implement in your daily scroll so that you are intentional, productive, and resourceful. Most importantly, so you don’t waste time on Instagram and instead, work on creating that empire of yours.

Tip #1: Set boundaries.

Setting boundaries is necessary if you're building your personal brand on Instagram. Setting mental boundaries is a separate conversation but here's how you can set physical boundaries.

If you have an iPhone, you can go into your settings, search Screen Time and see how much time you spend on your phone as well as how much time you spend on certain apps. To my non-iPhone users, you can actually go to Instagram app itself and look at the data of how much time you on the app.

While on Screen Time, you can set time limits for certain apps and schedule time away from the screen.

Tip #2: Keep yourself accountable.

I know this can be hard and maybe even disappointing at times, but it is truly essential to check your data and analytics every single night. Implement it into your evening routine and see how much time you’re actually spending on Instagram each day. This is the best way to analyze your growth and document how much productivity you’re having in your day.

Look at how much time you’re spending and see how you feel. If it’s a disappointing number, GOOD. You now have something that will motivate you! If it’s a satisfying number, keep pushing yourself even further and aim for less time. Start slow and make a goal of spending an X number amount less than normal on Instagram each week.

Send DM’s to build relationships, respond to comments to build community, and engage with ideal accounts — do this and only this.

Tip #3: Quality over quantity.

This is something that I implement in my own life on a REGULAR basis. Spending five hours or more on Instagram each day to engage with other accounts may seem productive, but you're most likely not being productive, rather you're stuck in the #InstaScrollTrap. You feel like you’re doing work, but in reality – the algorithm did it's job at keeping you entertained. Sorry, boss.

If you're not actively posting content, you're not doing anything.

Here's my tip: spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night. During this short amount of time, you can target your audience in a proper and intentional way. Be intentional with your time on Instagram. Send DM’s to build relationships, respond to comments to build community, and engage with ideal accounts — do this and only this. Learn more about how Fempreneur HQ does this for our clients.

Thirty minutes may not seem like a long time, but it's plenty of time when you’re targeting the right accounts and connecting with your ideal audience!

Don’t let Instagram take over your life and your business. Take control over the amount of time you spend on Instagram and use that time wisely by engaging with the right people to grow your account!