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30 Social Media Content Ideas for Your Business

Social media is where your clients are at. So you need to create high-quality content that will have them convert and purchase your services/products. Have a strategy in place and decide what kind of content ideas you want to include on your social media.

If you want some help, here are 30 social media content ideas for your business:

  1. Behind-the-scenes - Get BTS photos and videos to share with your audience.

  2. Share a blog post - Whether it’s yours or something relevant to your business/industry.

  3. Share a short-form video - Choose one that’s either entertaining or educational. Reels and TikTok videos are doing extremely well compared to other content.

  4. Host a giveaway or contest - This is a great way to get exposure because you can have participants share your content.

  5. Go LIVE with a Q&A - Answer premeditated questions and be sure to use questions that give information about your business.

  6. Share User-Generated Content - Repost other people’s content. It's an easy way to get your point across or entertain your audience.

  7. Post how-to tutorials - How-to content is probably one of the most searched content. People love to learn simplified versions of tutorials.

  8. Repurpose your old relevant content - Repurposing old high-quality content that you made is super resourceful and beneficial.

  9. Give out your favorite resources - Share tools or products to your followers and provide links.

  10. Shoutout another business - Put another business in the spotlight either in your stories or on a post and tag them. That way they can share and you can get exposure with their audience.

  11. Shoutout or spotlight a client - This creates a sense of loyalty with your clients. Plus when they share your shout out, it’s like a free promotion to your handle.

  12. Share a sneak peek of an upcoming product - People love to feel like they’re VIP. So giving them a brief exclusive can go a long way. Plus it’s like selling an item without being too salesy.

  13. Share industry trends - Keep your audience informed and let them know your expertise

  14. Share a meme - You can’t go wrong with humor, just double check whether or not it comes off as insensitive.

  15. Share an inspirational or motivational quote - People love feeling empowered by a relevant quote.

  16. Ask your audience a relevant question - Connect with your followers and audience and show that you respect their input.

  17. Introduce your employees - Post a headshot of them on Instagram and introduce them to your viewers. Highlight positive aspects of theirs to show that you support your workers.

  18. Share someone else's content - Go a step further and add a comment or praise.

  19. Share a client/customer testimonial - These are first-hand evidence to your business’ credibility and services..

  20. Ask a multiple choice question, make a short quiz, or create a poll - Interactive posts are the best way to increase engagement.

  21. Show your expertise - Build trust and respect for your knowledge by sharing helpful tips and hacks.

  22. Share a YouTube video or create your own - Video content does really well when it comes to conversion rates.

  23. Share infographics - Infographics are easy to read and usually designed to be pleasing to the eye.

  24. Announce your wins - Don’t be afraid to brag about the amazing accomplishments you’ve been able to achieve for your clients..

  25. Share statistics or data of your industry - Statistics are seen as credible information and it’s easy to read. It’s also a visual comparison of what point you’re trying to make.

  26. Share a work/life balance tip - People that follow and respect your business will get a chance to feel more connected to you when you share about your personal life.

  27. Interactive posts - Interactive posts are always a great way for your audience to engage with your content and have fun. Plus, a question that requires “the best answer wins” will bring out the competitive side of people.

  28. Share the latest company news! People like to stay informed — more specifically, it helps to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look of what’s happening in your business.

  29. Do a LIVE collaboration with an influencer - Two or more experts on LIVE are attention grabbing because it’ll be easier for people to trust in the information.

  30. Call-to-actions - Take opportunities to get your audience to check out your business resources from social media accounts, contact info, websites, and offers/service.

Hopefully, these prompts and topics will help you create content in less time, but if it’s still a bit too overwhelming you could always look to outsourcing your marketing!

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