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5 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Entrepreneurs have been taking over social media by storm. And it's not just by randomly posting what they're having for breakfast on their stories. Even though it doesn’t take rocket science to work the mechanics of social media, you still have to be strategic in how you go about creating your content or portraying your business to your audience. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs start using social media without researching the basic tips in utilizing their platforms to grow their businesses.

It’s not that everyone should know everything about social media right off the bat. It’s a learning process for everyone, especially, because there isn’t just one way of running your platforms. Different methods work for different accounts. Although there isn't just one way to run your accounts, there are still some common mistakes that you can avoid as an entrepreneur using social media.

Here are five of the biggest social media mistakes entrepreneurs make:

1. Not Targeting a Specific Audience

This common mistake is probably the number one thing that you need to avoid. When you start your social media account or even before you do, you need to figure out what audience you are going to target for your business because you don't want to waste your time putting out content for just anyone.

The sole purpose of having a target audience is to make sure you efficiently grow your business. Don’t put effort into an audience that won’t purchase your services or offers. There’s no profit in it.

In the beginning, many entrepreneurs make this mistake because they decide to just focus on building their presence rather than their brand. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but you want to make sure that you nurture the right audience because they should be the closest to conversion. You’ll find that your offers will sell a lot quicker when you put your focus into the right audience.

2. Using Quantity Over Quality

Quantity over quality can sound pretty tempting. And you would think that in social media it would be good to post often because people are always looking for fresh content. Many users look to social media for entertainment and while you still want to use that to your advantage, you don’t want to exhaust yourself creating a ton of meaningless posts.

Quantity won’t be reliable when it comes to selling your offers. The little things matter and you want to know exactly what to add to your content in order to capture someone’s attention and interest. You may have a target audience, but it won’t count if you don’t impress them with your content.

Your social media content will tell a viewer exactly what they need to know about your brand. You need each post to be impactful. If you decide to break up the quality in several posts, the viewer may miss what message you’re trying to get across. So don’t neglect or lower the standard of your content.

3. Not Repurposing Content

Another huge mistake that entrepreneurs make when they start social media is that they focus on trying to make fresh content every single time. They’ll waste a ton of hours trying to figure out what else they can post, but they can actually make plenty of content out of their previous ones that they’ve posted.

Reduce your time by reusing and recycling your old content. Because if you made gold in the past, then that content can still be a hit today, especially when you get new followers or enough time passes that people can use the refresher. Fresh and original content is great, but it’s not worth trying to come up with them every day. After a while, you’ll be able to see what types of content does well, so you can use those same concepts for future posts.

4. Posting the Same Content on All Platforms

On top of knowing your target audience, you have to dig deeper to understand your social media platforms. It's a big mistake to not figure out who’s on each of those platforms. You have to take into consideration how to cater your content depending on what social media you’re using.

Each platform can have a different audience, even though they may be the same audience that you're targeting throughout all of your platforms and may be interested in the same services and offers that you have, you want to make sure that your content is speaking to whatever demographic they're part of.

For example, Facebook typically has more activity from an older age group than Instagram would. Or Twitter is filled with more forum or discussion based content. Take a step further and understand what content people respond best to depending on the platform.

5. Neglecting the Power of Reels

A lot of businesses fail to take advantage in creating videos or posting reels. Reels are short-form videos on Instagram that have recently gained traction in activity and popularity. Entrepreneurs or businesses in general usually settle to make posts that have graphic designs or just photos.

Fortunately, you can still grow your business posting just picture content, but your business will be missing out on a larger audience. Reels can demonstrate all the best things in a post. They can be informative, entertaining, compelling, and have a strong call-to-action all at once. They also build a tremendous amount of credibility for your brand.

Don’t skip out on the potential and power of reels.

So let’s go over the 5 common social media mistakes again!

  1. Not Targeting a Specific Audience

  2. Using on Quantity Over Quality

  3. Not Repurposing Content

  4. Posting the Same Content on All Platforms

  5. Neglecting the Power of Reels

It can be overwhelming to learn the mechanics of social media platforms. But you don’t have to do it alone. Visit our website and sign up for any of our services. We’d love to help and guide you in building a social media content strategy!

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