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5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Posts Aren't Converting Followers into Clients

Social media is literally one of the greatest tools for growing your business. You have so many opportunities to be able to convert people to purchasing your offers or your services. It’s a cost-effective option to advertise what you’re selling. But that also means that you just need to make it count with the content that you're posting on your social media. You shouldn’t just post without having a strategy in mind because you’ll waste more time posting when you could be using that time to make more money.

Having a social media marketing strategy is going to be the best decision you can make to efficiently convert your followers. Unfortunately there are a lot of key things that entrepreneurs don’t do in order to make converting content.

Here are five reasons why your social media posts as an entrepreneur is not converting your followers:

You Don’t Use Call-to-Actions Enough

Sure, you can have aesthetic-looking content for your post, but it's not going to be enough for your followers to convert. You need to make sure, as an entrepreneur, to create the opportunity for your followers to initiate action. You need to almost always add a call-to-action either in your imagery/graphic/video and especially in your copy.

Call-to-actions are when you prompt your audience into purchasing a sale or to do an immediate action like a comment, like, or follow. It’s important to always encourage your followers to take action and give them an opportunity to purchase your offer. This will increase your sales and engagement with your posts.

You Don’t Productively and Consistently Post

When it comes to handling your social media you obviously need to create attention-grabbing posts. But once a month may not be good enough. It also doesn't mean that you have to be present online 24/7 and post like 5 times a day. You just need to be consistent enough and present enough to let your followers know that you're still active and present enough to keep your audience up to date with what you’re doing and selling

If you don’t have the time to be present consistently, then just take a day or two to create content for a month at a time. You have a variety of options for scheduling tools. This way your social media will be consistently posting without having you to create fresh content every day.

You Don’t Analyze and Track Your Results

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of not tracking their data or analyzing the results of their posts. It may sound like a lot to do, but it's worth looking at. When you're analyzing your data you may find out what kind of demographics that you've been effectively reaching. Or you may find that the results can show what content that you’re using works or doesn’t work.

A couple of social media platforms already have tools to analyze your data. If you don’t feel confident enough to read the data, you can just look up a simple Youtube tutorial to help you. They’re usually straightforward and you don’t have to read everything. Just keep a lookout for these metrics:

  • Performance Analytics

  • Audience Analytics

  • Competitor Analytics

  • Paid Social Analytics

  • Influencer Analytics

  • Sentiment Analytics

You Don’t Have a Target Audience

Another reason why you're not converting your followers into clients is that you're not posting for a targeted audience. What is a target audience? The target audience are the people that have the most potential to be a client. So unfortunately, although it’s great to build fame, you don’t want to spend too much time on people that aren’t likely to buy your products or offers.

Once you start your social media account or even before you do, you want to figure out who exactly you want to cater your content to or cater your offers to. Think about what you offer for services and products and think about who needs it the most and determine the demographics you should design your content for. When you create your content to target a specific audience, you’ll find that your conversion rates will increase faster than when you weren’t targeting specific people.

You Aren’t Taking Notes From Your Competitors

We all want to be successful with our businesses and build it through our own merit, but another mistake that entrepreneurs make is not taking notes from what their competitors are doing. Your competitors are going to show you exactly who you want as your target audience and will even have your target audience ready for you to engage with and the reason why they have your target audience is because they're creating content that is catered towards that audience. You can always analyze their performance and observe what content they use to gain the most traction and engagements.

If you find that your competitors are converting their followers faster than you are, you should probably slow down and analyze what they're doing to gain those conversion rates. Taking notes from them does not mean you should completely copy what they’re doing. You should also take notes on what not to do that isn’t working for them. Make sure to keep your content close to your brand and give your content a component that stands your business out from competitors.


Once you’ve started implementing these into your social media content, you’re going to watch your business grow. Learn from the mistakes of previous entrepreneurs and use that information to your advantage. You’ll be converting your followers to clients in no time.

Need help building a social media marketing strategy? Reach out to our agency and our CEO, Chelsya Ashley, can answer any of those social media marketing questions.

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