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5 Social Media Marketing Myths

Sometimes myths are said so much we start to think that they are true. Your fave marketing team is here to debunk the TOP social media marketing myths that roam the internet.

1. You need to be on every social media platform

First things first, not every platform is going to benefit you or your biz. Instead, what platforms are your current audience engaged in? Knowing your audience and what they use can help steer you in the right direction for your content. If your audience uses a platform that you just cannot get right, well… that's where we come in! 📈

2. You can't measure your ROI through social media

Various social media platforms are now really diving into ways to measure analytics that show the numbers you need to know. Platforms, like Instagram and YouTube, are really allowing content creators and business owners to see what's working and what’s not.

3. There's no point in using hashtags because nobody uses them anymore

Hashtags are the tool you may be missing. Depending on your biz or content you create, adding hashtags can really elevate the overall amount of reach you get. Insta, TikTok, and even YouTube shorts are great places to start!

4. You should post everything you do on all of your social media channels at once

Dropping everything to post on all your channels could be time-consuming and honestly… a hassle. Creating a social media calendar instead of posting on the spot at once can really help you visualize.

5. You have to focus on every single piece of data to grow on social media

Social media growth is a combination of many aspects. Focusing on every number is just not the vibe… instead, grow your socials using our method! Endlessly trying to figure out the numbers for every single video, story, and click can be making you go crazy! Focus on the numbers that matter.

Overall, creating genuine content that you adore making is the goal. We don’t need to keep believing the myths that are holding us back from exploring new ideas. Sign up for all things marketing at FemHQ and get the scoop here.