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Conversion Copywriting 101 (and why you need it as a business owner)

This is what you’ve been missing… our fav way to write copy here at Fempreneur. Did you notice a low click rate or a drop in revenue? Let’s get your engagement back up STAT!

1. What is conversion copywriting

If you get it… you get it. This type of copywriting is essentially for those who are looking to up their persuasive techniques. The ultimate goal? We want your audience, customers, or clients to say, “YES”! Everything is formulated down to a tee to get your customer to make that purchase or book that appointment. This type of copywriting should be implemented on your website and newsletters for optimum results.

2. Why should you care about conversion copywriting

Conversion copywriting is essential in marketing as a business owner. From everything down to the “buy now” button, your customer clicks should be thought out. We want your new candle drop to flourish – this is how.

3. How to write great conversion copy

A great copy includes writing that connects you to the audience. We want your customer base to do something – whether it be subscribing to a newsletter or booking that nail appointment. Keep it cute, clean, and simple with your persuasive writing. Include key benefits your product or service brings with a final message and call to action that compliments your copy. It's all about converting your audience and compel them to complete that action.

4. 10 tips for writing better conversions

  • Make sure the writing matches your audience's tone

  • Utilize a really stunning font – aesthetics help

  • Imagery matters, use images that convey the message

  • Keep it short – no need to overdo it.

  • Use an eye-catching headline

  • Practice through social media

  • Highlight your brand or product benefits

  • Keep it clean – when there are too many words (even if they are short) it becomes scrambled

  • Implement bullet points for important info

  • Have a set formula that works or enlist the help of your Fem Team!

5. The importance of the headline

Headlines are so important that even Drake made a song with the title. We don’t want to read the rest of the copy unless the headline engages us to do so. Investing some time to get your headline strategy up could lead to more clicks and a lengthy website session from your customers. Outshine boring headlines with conversion copywriting and see the difference it makes in overall performance.

6. Tips for using imagery in your copy

Break up your best reading material with stunning imagery that brings together the copy as a whole. Next to the headline, visuals are a must. We love aesthetically pleasing marketing here at Fem HQ because it works. Compliment your copy with imagery that completes the page, newsletter, or product description. We are in 2022 – that means no more settling for boring shmoring visuals and really tapping into our creative side.

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