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Digital Marketing Trends You Should Implement In Your Business

Let us help you take over the Digital Marketing realm. The growth that you can get this year from hoping on these trends can change the game for you. Those financial goals you set this new year just might come to fruition with these top digital marketing trends

1. Utilize social media marketing to grow your business

You may have begun as a small local business that focuses on current customers. Now is the time to expand! Use social media to your advantage and spread the word of your biz. You don’t have to be on every platform everyday, but creating that online community could really kick start that revenue and introduce consumers to your product or service. Social media not your thing? We get it… the Fem Team got you.

2. Use Google Analytics to track visitors on your website and find out what they are looking for

Website clicks show you what's popular on your site and what's not doing so well. Maybe the blog topic didn’t do so hot or the new dress you dropped is not getting viewed. Google Analytics could tell you how long a customer viewed that dress or if they even clicked on that page at all. With this tool there are a variety of use case scenarios that could benefit your website as a whole. From the data, you could possibly conclude if it's the website design, a certain unpopular product, or an overall topic that just is not what your audience is looking for.

3. Create a blog that will help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPS)

Blogs are far from outdated. Your blog isn’t just a way to up your credibility. Implementing a blog for your e-commerce, lifestyle, or clientele brand is an unexpected trick to getting the SEO you are needing. Every search engine result page contains different algorithms. Our advice, focus on the most popular aka Google – no need to pay for the top of the SERPS page (unless you have the bag).

4. Add an email newsletter sign up form on the homepage of your website for people who want to receive updates about new products, promotions, etc.

It may not seem like people would want to sign up to receive emails, but consumers enjoy knowing what's new – seriously. Everyone wants to be in-the-know. If your product or service is top of the line, your customers or clients are going to want to know what's next. Inform your customer base with new deals, promo codes, and product launches with a fab newsletter!

5. Include video content on all of your company's social media platforms

Videos are poppin’ still. Whether it’s TikTok or Instagram, the top viewed video duration this past year ranged from 30 seconds – 3 minute short videos. Quick and creative is taking over. The catch? It’s never quick to make creative content… so be sure to double down on your content creation skills and invest time into video content.

If your customer or client has a question, they want to be able to ask a trusted source. Not having a proper way to provide that customer service can give off leave-me-alone vibes. You want your customers to feel comfortable about your brand and not second guess a big purchase. Having a customer service line or live chat for reliable q&a’s builds your brand’s reputation for nice and easy help.

Double down on the trends this year and book our Marketing Monthly Retainer Service for top-tier marketing help from the Fem Queens.

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