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Email Marketing 101 (What You Need to Know)

Email marketing isn't as scary as you think it is. Creating, editing, and bringing a vision to life in an email is actually really effective. Now, we aren’t talking about those countless emails you get on the days where you are just desperately searching for the unsubscribe button. We are talking about those emails you are just waiting to get to see what's new because those emails really do have fresh info, news, or a discount code you were needing. 👀 1. What is email marketing Email marketing is a marketing channel that is a must-have in your strategy. This dominant form of digital marketing aids businesses – big and small – in direct marketing to showcase new drops, sales, and offers, or even just build credibility with your audience or customer relationships. 2. How to get started with email marketing Before anything marketing-related, you want to always have a defined goal established. Do you want new signups? Are you releasing a new product? These are the questions to keep in mind. Don’t forget – you may need to build an email marketing list. 3. Best practices for creating an effective campaign After you’ve created an overall marketing goal, it’s time to create many engaging campaign(s) that coincide with your content. When organizing these campaigns, you want to think about the audience, tone, and the overall intent. If your emails are going to be for members only or niche audiences, you want to design a more specific approach. Think about how many emails are going to be in the campaign, is it just one and done, or do you need a couple throughout certain dates? 4. Tools and resources for better email campaigns There are so many email resources to better your campaign game. You can always get your trusty Fempreneur team to help you out! If you haven't even gotten started yet, check out some simple email marketing platforms like Mailerlite or ConvertKit to steer you in the right direction. 5. Email marketing best practices to avoid No more myths, you do not need to send emails every single day. If you’re new to the game, sending emails to fill up in the junk folder is not the vibe. Instead, start off slow and remember to keep your piece clean, cute, and engaging. Also, let’s get rid of “Dear, so and so”, we are keeping it personal and fun over here! 6. How to measure the effectiveness of your campaign Luckily, some of the newer email marketing channels can help with measuring engagement. Depending on what you use and who has your back (aka US, your Fempreneur team), there is data on how many customers open your email, how many clicks your email gets, and even how many people chose to regrettably unsub. This can all help in measuring how effective your campaign is. Promise us, no more boring emails this year, and book our Email Marketing Monthly Retainer Service for top-tier marketing help from the Fem Queens. Sign up for all things marketing at FemHQ and get the scoop here.

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