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How to Attract the Right Clients through Your Content

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to build your business without content to escalate those leads. You can get clients, but it’s going to take a lot more work. If you want your offers and services to sell, you need to start strategizing and pay more attention to creating meaningful content. It sounds unnecessary to be actively present on social media, but it’s what’s going to keep you relevant enough to be brought to the attention of potential clients.

So what does making content include? Content is practically do-it-yourself marketing on social media. Luckily for all of us business owners, we have plenty of platforms to choose from and they have helpful tools that can promote your content. Now that you understand that social media content marketing is more than necessary for your business, how can you use it to attract the right clients?

What Content to Use for Different Platforms

When you are coming up with your social media marketing strategy, you’re going to have to know the basics of creating content. You can start with educating yourself about the different platforms that’s available to use and what kind of audiences you can gain from them. From there you can decide how you design your posts so that you can attract the clients that will purchase your offers.

Here are some of the major platforms:


Facebook continues to be the largest platform online. It has nearly 3 billion users who are active on a monthly basis and they are mainly ages 25 to 34. The platform practically stole all of the users from the reputable Myspace. You could say the older generations are more fond of this platform because it was the introductory platform to the social media we have today. It could have been Myspace if Tom hadn’t unfriended us all. But being one of the original social media platforms, the older generation unsurprisingly has an attachment to it.

Facebook is where you can find the answers to your questions, whether it’s where your second cousin was last summer (the term Facebook stalking isn’t from out of nowhere) or what classes your local colleges will be offering this upcoming fall semester. When catering your content to Facebook users, you should include a good amount of information in your posts. Detailed content is what is popular on Facebook. It’s kind of where people find news, but not always necessarily real news unfortunately. Luckily for you, Facebook is compatible to post a variety of different kinds of content.


Instagram’s number of users has been surging through the past few years with an estimated total of 2 billion monthly active users. Still far from Facebook, but there’s no doubt they can catch up. Although the younger generations are leaning more towards a much more recent platform, Instagram still has a loyal group of users made up of Gen Z and Millenials.

When it comes to terms of types of content you can post, Instagram is limited compared to Facebook. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be as influential with the content. When you create content on Instagram, you want to use images that are captivating and that lead your audience to looking at your captions for more information. Having a great copywriter on hand is going to help you in the long run for these posts.

Another popular type of content on Instagram is video. You can post stories, reels, and lives. They used to have “IGTV”, but it looks like they just settled with Instagram Videos. Stories are a great way to interact with your followers because of the fun features like questions, polls, and slide rating. Making reels is an amazing feature that you can use to educate or entertain your followers while also building your presence for the algorithm. Don’t forget to hashtag those reels so they can stumble upon your offers.


If your business is catered more towards professionals, then LinkedIn is a perfect platform to use. You can easily make resourceful content and find the connections to the right niche. Users are actively searching for other professionals and you have a great opportunity to showcase your services.

Unlike other platforms, it’s not the time to be as fun and trendy. Your profile has to be formal and so should your content. You can do regular posts and videos. To attract the right people, you need to be compelling with your expertise and build your credibility with your viewers. Let them know that you know what you are doing.


You could say that TikTok has practically claimed the words “viral” and “trendy” as their own. Maybe not entirely, but those are the words anyone would use to describe the popular app. Their short form videos can have you scrolling endlessly. TikTok is known to be enjoyable for a wide range of people, but the majority of the younger generations from Gen Z and lower have gravitated to making TikTok their main social media to use.

In this platform, if the younger age range is an audience you want to target, then you’re going to want to make your TikTok videos as creative and entertaining as possible. TikTok videos don’t go viral from being simple. The best way to get your videos to go viral is to start a trend that pretty much anyone can relate to and jump on.


You have a plethora of options when it comes to social media and their features. Knowing the right audience that you can cater to from each platform is the first step to creating converting content. You need to understand them. Find out their age, what they’re seeking, and their interest in niche or topics.

When you learn these essential facts, you can create content that will trigger their emotions and eventually lead them to trusting your content. When you showcase your expertise while building your credibility, it will lead your audience to looking into your offers and services. And if you keep up your presence and engage with those followers, you’ll eventually convert them into purchasing.

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