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How to Build a Simple Content Strategy

Here are the dos to building a content strategy. We want to keep it simple for those of you who are having trouble with starting off. There are many avenues you can take but… here are the appetizers to begin!

1. Start with your customer - map out what they're interested in, what they need help with, what they don't know and should know, etc.

In this case… the customer isn’t always right, they need our help. So, to start, it’s our job to know exactly what they are wanting. What strategy are they using currently – if any – and get a full understanding of where they stand now.

2. Find out what they want to know and map out all of the answers to those questions.

We need to know all of the info. After, figure out what their questions are. Begin with a q&a that answers all the basics the customer has with their ultimate goal. Is it realistic? What should they change? Are they asking the right questions? Keep these things in mind when you're mapping out all those answers!

3. Create a blog post for every product or service you offer, highlighting the benefits of each one.

Blog posts are really our fave. We are able to keep in touch with our readers and let you guys know what’s what in all things marketing. With every blog post, there is an opportunity to showcase you! Let them know what you offer and why it's a must to know. From e-commerce to a vegan recipe – we are loving blogs this year.

4. Repurpose blog posts into social media content for your most prominent three platforms (focus on platforms where your customers reside).

As you are writing those lovely blogs we gush over, make sure to save the info. Not everyone reads your blogs – as amazing as they are. So, let’s get that info out there in a different way. From Instagram to a TikTok video, you can use your blogs as captions, a script, or even post themselves. Not everyone flourishes on the same networks, so use those platforms that your audience is constantly on.

5. Use an easy email marketing platform to collect emails and send out emails at least once a month to your most engaged audience.

No boring emails that go directly to the junk. Using a simple email marketing platform like Mailerlite or ConvertKit to schedule well-written emails that are engaging and informative will remind your customers and audience what's new. There's no need to send countless emails all the time either – once a month is a great beginner-friendly start.

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