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How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

Before social media, commercials and advertisements were practically monopolized by large companies. The best bet was to either have money or the right connections. When it comes to growing a company, it may have been easier to grow quickly back then because the market wasn’t as competitive as it is now. Social media was the gateway for smaller businesses to join the competition on fairer grounds. Social media made it hard for larger businesses to monopolize the market as they have done before.

This created a tremendous opportunity for anyone who wants to take it. But it doesn’t mean you can get lucky and grow your business over one night. Luck may have also been easier to come by in the past, but just as it already has been mentioned, there wasn’t much competition compared to today. This means that the competition is heavy and you will need to strategize. The money is where the people are and you can find them online on their social media accounts.

Why You Need a Social Media Content Strategy

What is it?

Social media has become the platform for businesses to DIY their own advertisements and marketing. A social media content strategy is planning and determining what social media platforms to use, the kind of content that you will create, who your target audience will be and how you will decide to engage with them.

What can it do for your business?

Social media users will be able to tell whether or not you strategize your marketing because, without a strategy in place, your content will lack direction. Coming up with the strategy will save you a ton of time on social media and bring you quicker results, which can ultimately speed up the timeline of your business if you were to do it without strategizing.

These are some common reasons people resort to social media content strategy:

  • Awareness & exposure to brands

  • Increase sales and attract clients/consumers

  • Build credibility and presence

  • Generate beneficial data to analyze

  • Cost-effectiveness

Steps to Create Your Social Media Content Strategy

Decide on SMART Goals.

In the beginning, make sure you decide what exact outcomes you wish to achieve from marketing on social media. Use the SMART method to ensure that you have reasonable goals.

(S)pecific - To set a clear focus on what needs to be done

(M)easurable - To know when and how they’re achieved

(A)ttainable - To know those goals that are realistic and not far out of reach

(R)elevant - To ensure that it is beneficial and on track with your business

(T)ime-bound - To keep the goal in mind and worked on

Get to know your competition.

The best place to figure out what you should be doing with your business is to observe your competitors. Watch and learn from their methods so you know what works and what doesn’t. It’s free data you can analyze. You can piggyback off of them to find your target audience as well.

Research your target audience.

Put in the work to find your ideal client and target an audience. Once you’ve come up with your target audience, you need to research them. Find out what they are attracted to for content, how they prefer to interact, and what platforms they’re found on. It also helps to get a demographic on them as well.

Pick your type of content.

After researching your competitors and target audience, you’ll probably have a good sense of what content potential clients or consumers are attracted to. It doesn’t have to be one. You can choose several types of content to work with. We recommend user-generated content, videos (reels & TikToks), graphic designs, emails, and blog posts.

Choose the best-fit platforms for your business.

Now that you’ve gathered the previous information, you are able to find what platforms to use. You can find out the demographics of each platform and test out content and analyze the results. From there, you can choose what platforms are the best fit for your business to reach your target audience and best cater to your type of content.

Build your content calendar.

Finally, build a content calendar. This tool will save you even more time. You can create a large number of social media content in one sitting and then schedule them out. This way you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

Has this blog post convinced you to start your social media content strategy? Or maybe you’ve implemented one and the ROI isn’t satisfying your expectations. Whether you are brand new to the idea or still figuring out the kinks, reach out to us and we’ll give you a free consultation for your business.

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